Martial Arts Classes


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We believe developing a black belt mindset is the key to success in life. A black belt signifies the mastery of specific techniques of Taekwondo and many other martial arts styles, this means the person is competent to defend self, understands the principles of the martial arts lifestyle and is certified to teach others.

We at St. George Martial Arts Academy understand the importance of martial arts training that can bring about a world of difference in the lives of people. We provide over 30 martial arts classes per week to students of all age groups. Our expert and certified trainers aim to empower students with self-defence skills and a black belt mindset allowing them grow mentally tough and resilient to whatever life throws at them.

Based in the heart of the St. George area in Sydney New South Wales, SGMAA provide martial arts Brighton le sands training for ninjas (3-6 years), juniors (7-11 years), teens (12-16 years) and adults (17+ years) in a family-friendly class environment. Whether you want to learn Taekwondo, improve your fitness, enrol in self-defence training and change your life, or want your child to develop courage, confidence, concentration and focus, joining our martial arts academy will help you achieve your goals in a systematic and timely manner all whilst having fun and exercising!

Our martial arts Carlton classes will help your child learn valuable life skills such as perseverance, self-control, courtesy and integrity as well as developing confidence and commitment to achieve their goals. Our classes will help them become mentally strong and will enable them to overcome any adversity in their lives. They can be a part of the SGMAA family and earn their way to becoming a black belt and carry these teachings with them throughout their lives. 

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